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Fix It Yourself!

You’re not going to find this option with any other appliance repair company.

Fix it yourself: Pay the $49.95 diagnosis fee and ask for the "fix-it-yourself" option at time of service

If you are the handy type who takes care of most problems around the house then this may be for you.
The fix-it-yourself option provides the opportunity to get in an experienced technician to diagnose the problem and then give that information to you to help you accurately fix your appliance problem and pay only the diagnosis fee plus whatever part number you may need. 
We give you education on the appliance issue plus
Part number needed to complete the repair. 
Exemptions, Limitations, and warnings​:

** This option does not come with the 1 year part and labor warranty**

**This option does not cover multiple issues that may be occurring with your appliance ( there are rare occasions that your appliance may be having more than one issue that needs fixed, if this occurs you may be charged a second $49.95 diagnoses fee for the second issue *based upon technician discretion) 

** We are not liable for any injury that may occur from your choice to repair your own appliances, we only provide information and part number of what we would do in the repair. Please use EXTREME caution with any electrical in any repairs.

We always suggest our fix it yourself customers to watch or educate yourself through the technician, YouTube videos, and basic electrical safety. When in doubt opt to have our trained technicians to do the service for you.

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